Evergreen Jazz


With a diverse repertoire of timeless classics, hints of Afro-Cuban, hard funk, and swift flowing solos, Evergreen will find you swayin’ in your seat and sweep you off your feet! Perfect for fine establishments, private events, concerts, and festivals.


Cool jazz brought to you by virtuosos TJ Maistros, (drums) Quentin Walston (piano), and Fernando Bolanos  (bass). Following in the footsteps of his mentor Tony Moreno, TJ invites you to come and listen to music that is both accessible and challengingly fun. Formed through the Catoctin School of Music where each member teaches on his respective instrument, this amazing group is bringing conversational jazz from Loudoun County out to the surrounding areas. 


From heavy blues to easy-breezy swing, may your entertainment be Evergreen!




Dave Lange
(864) 382-1893

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