TJ Maistros is an award-winning performer who has participated in more than 40 ensembles in rock, jazz, classical and world music – including appearances at high-profile venues with world-class acts – and who today records, worships, and teaches in a wide variety of settings.


As part of the alternative/classic rock band Perception (which featured Tyler Lindsay, now of the President’s Own Marine Band), TJ recorded in the historic Quad and Premier Studios in Times Square, opened for Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall-of-Famer Dave Mason in a nationwide Sirius XM Radio broadcast from the U.S.S. Wasp, and appeared at Greenwich Village’s iconic Bitter End club. TJ has also served as a side man to well-known artists Chris Brubeck, Edward Kalendar and Harvie S, and Mark Barasch. at the United Nations Building, and has performed and recorded with up-and-coming artist Jason Bembry around New York City and in the renowned Dolan recording studio. 


TJ earned his Masters degree in Percussion Performance in 2018 from New York University in 2018, where he studied privately with prominent New York-based performing artists, including Tony Moreno, Simon Boyar, Jonathan Haas, and James Saporito. Upon entering NYU, TJ had the honor of diving into a collaboration between the New York Theatre Ballet and NYU’s Steel Pan Ensemble’s performance at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. At NYU,  he performed rigorously in many ensembles, composer collaborations, Film-scoring student recording sessions, NYU musicals, and with several guest artists. During his last semester, TJ had the rare opportunity to audition for the Air Force Band of the Golden West, where he tied for his first major professional audition.


In 2016, TJ received his Bachelors in Percussion Performance from George Mason University where he studied primarily with Grammy Award winner Joe McCarthy and professors John Kilkenny, and John Spirtas. He was the featured drummer when George Mason’s infamous Green Machine was named the best college pep band by the NCAA in 2015. TJ also participated in the Sewanee Summer Music Festival, Philadelphia International Music Festival, NYU Broadway Percussion Seminar, and the 2017 Ultimate Drum Camp, among other honors.


After graduating, TJ moved back to Virginia, where he traveled to and from New York, teaching, performing, recording, and collaborating with various artists, especially Dave Lange. From 2019 to 2020 TJ was working with Brian Choper of Mulberry Music, where they had a mini-tour in New York City before re-setting to California. Things were just getting set up to tour out West when Covid-19 shut everything down. Today, TJ is continuing his post graduate studies with jazz legend Tony Moreno, his jazz teacher from NYU. He continues to work closely with Hill-Country Blues artist, Dave Lange, which will include traveling to South Carolina, and has also started his own local jazz project, Evergreen Jazz. Other projects include remote recording, teaching, writing drum eBooks, and working on state-of-the-art digital drumming with his MIDI mentor, Fred.

Find TJ on Spotify with Jason Bembry and Aaron Holt.